Specialised Interdiction Unit - Mr Anton du Plessis

Anton has a vast training experience in tactical applications with Military, Law Enforcement, Security contracting companies and private individuals. Managed and implemented one of the first tactical training academy’s training curriculums (First Defence Training Institute) and was involved with logistical support and training to a well known Security contracting firm during the early 2000’s. This company was the frontrunner in the industry of tactical applications and training to specialised groups and units during the 1990’s and early 2000’s.


Anton is a skilled Instructor in:

Urban and rural/wilderness survival modern and primitive skills

Firearms related principles and tactics

Carbine and long range rifle

Close Quarter Battle principles

Low light principles

Armament Systems and Procedures baton

Arresting Techniques

Knife / Edge weapon tactics

Less lethal force options

Urban and Rural small team tactics

Vehicle born operations

Surveillance / Observation posts etc.

Hostile Environmental survival proficient

Urban and rural / wilderness survival

Perimeter security / Ops room / surveillance technology proficient

Night vision, thermal and low light to dark operations proficiency

Advanced off-road and recovery qualified – Gerotek


Anton obtained a degree in Political Sciences from the University of Pretoria in 1991. He worked with the NPA-DSO (Scorpions), SAPS Special Task force members, SAPS Flying Squad, SAPS dog unit, Military Recce units, Peacekeeping force, Municipal Law Enforcement divisions, close protection units to the Royal Bafokeng, The Swazi Royal House and various others.


Anton also worked with various International groups and military and law enforcement (LE) units – French Foreign Legion (FFL) - 2 REP, Royal Marines, Scotland Yard, FBI, US Secret Service members and US LE agencies. Currently he is Chief of Operations for a prominent US training and advisory company – SG Five International – in charge of all Africa related projects and specialised training curriculums.


I serve as an advisory board member to Silent Heroes Foundation and specifically develop a Specialised Counter Poaching response team and program for the Foundation. This specific unit consists of specialists in the veterinary, tactical medical, military and LE sectors.


I am currently the Chairman and co –founder of the SA Tactical Shooting Association, a member of the International Association for Security professionals and Counter Terrorism. I have also trained numerous clients in Wilderness survival over an 18 year period – eg. Aircrew Survival – Irish military Aircrew and pilots – 43 Air School, Dutch Military personnel – survival in Hostile environments and arid regions, Survival training to 5 Infantry School – South African defence force, Survival and HEST training to Geologists and mining exploration teams to various parts of Africa during mining and logistical surveying projects.



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